Native Art Style Ring, Hand Engraved Eagle in Gold Band

$800.00 CAD

Native Art band depicting an Eagle carved in yellow or white gold. Original design, hand-engraved in the Haida style of the Pacific Northwest. Exclusive design and engraving by Warren Smith @coasthandworks

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Background Effect
It is rare to blacken the background of Native Art in Yellow Gold. While it is an option, the oxidization/patina effect is most effective with White Gold but somewhat distracting with Yellow Gold.

Background Effect
Background of engraved image can be manually oxidized to provide a higher contrast to the art in the foreground, or it can be left clean.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for production and delivery.




This gold Native Art-style ring is made-to-order. With its beautiful, faithful design completed, all you need to do it select your size and karat and we’ll hand craft a new one from scratch. The deeply engraved artwork depicts the Eagle in the formline art style of the Haida Nation people from coastal British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. This original, exclusive design features hand engraved Eagle with an optionally blackened background to contrast the artwork in high relief.

With its exceptional design, this Eagle ring is a popular wedding band. It measures 7mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Weight will vary depending on size and karat chosen, but a size 9 in 10k White gold weighs roughly 9 grams.

The hand engraved artwork is bordered by clean, white gold rails and presented with a high polish to stunning effect.

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