Baroque Scroll Ring with Bezelled Gemstone, Handmade in Gold or Silver

$480.00 CAD

Exclusive, handmade ring or wedding band, hand engraved with classic baroque scroll work over hand-stippled background and beset with a gemstone of your choosing.

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Unique, timeless baroque scroll over stippled background, hand carved in silver, yellow, white or rose gold band centered by a bezelled setting for your choice of gemstone.

Handmade from scratch and sized to order, this distinctive ring measures 6.5mm wide and 1.6mm thick at the middle. The included bezelled gemstone is 3mm in diameter in all cases. Weight will vary with size and metal density chosen, but as a size 8 in 10k gold, it weighs roughly 5.5 grams.

Total price is calculated based on your input, including your selected gemstone chosen from our supply of genuine (natural) and synthetic (imitation) gems.

As this exclusive ring is hand made in Canada, we also source all gems from Canadian suppliers and Canadian mines (when applicable), including CanadaMark™ diamonds, Alpine Gems (Ontario) and JW Findings & Stones (British Columbia).

Sorted by birthstone, the most popular gemstones available* are:

The most popular gemstones suited to our handmade Baroque Scroll Ring

Synthetic Gems Shown
Actual Color May Vary

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Month – GenuineSynthetic

January – GarnetImitation Garnet
February – AmethystPurple Synthetic Corundum
March – AquamarineLight Blue Synthetic Spinel
April – DiamondCubic Zirconia
May – EmeraldGreen Synthetic Beryl
June – AlexandriteLab Grown Alexandrite
July – RubyRed Synthetic Corundum
August – PeridotGreen Synthetic Spinel
September – SapphireBlue Synthetic Spinel
October – TourmalineRozircon
November – CitrineYellow Synthetic Corundum
December – Blue TopazMedium Blue Synthetic Spinel

*If your preferred gemstone is not listed here, please select OTHER and describe it. We will do our best to accommodate you. A small premium may apply.

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