Customizable Native-style Engraved Wedding Band, Select 2 Animal Spirits

$520.00 CAD

Select any two Native Art-style animal spirits to be hand engraved, face to face, in a deeply personalized wedding band. Handmade in your choice of yellow, rose or white gold and optionally set with two brilliant cut gemstones in the eyes for added allure.

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Create your own distinctive, personalized wedding band using select Northwest Coast Native animal spirits designed and hand engraved in the Haida-style artform by Warren Smith, Proprietor and Master Engraver at the Coast Handworks Co.

To order, tell us your ring size, choose a 6, 7, or 8mm width and fit, select your gold karat and color preference, then choose from 9 traditional designs representing your spiritual connections on the left and right side to be deeply hand carved, face-to-face in a flat band and framed with hand cut borders.

Select your pair of 1.7mm Brilliant Cut gemstones to set in the eyes of your Native spirit animals. Reference chart only, actual color may vary slightly.

Optional Gemstone Eyes!
Actual Color May Vary Slightly

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You can also have 1.7mm “brilliant cut” gemstones of your choosing set in the eyes of each animal for added energy, or have them hand carved in the traditional manner as desired.

Use Warren’s original sketches for inspiration but note they are used as reference only. As each animal is engraved freehand using old school hand tools and technique. Slight variances to images will occur at the artist’s discretion to accommodate the width and circumference of your chosen band at its maximum potential.


Did you know? In Haida mythology of the Pacific Northwest, when two creatures’ mouths touch, they are said to be communicating, bonding, and sharing wisdom.

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