Modern Flat Wedding Band Blank, includes Custom Hand Engraving

$1,000.00 CAD

Modern blank band with flat surface and 3 width options to accommodate your personalized, hand engraved designs by Warren Smith, Master Engraver.

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    Customize your gold wedding band with original art, patterns or scrollwork of your choosing, collaboratively created by you and Warren Smith, Proprietor of The Coast Handworks Co.

    These contemporary rings are flat across the top and inner circumference (sometimes called a “pipe cut” band) providing a uniformly curved plane for hand engraving. Available in yellow, white and rose gold, our classic fit model is 1.6mm thick and available in widths of 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm – excellent canvasses for custom hand engraving.

    A traditional fit for these bands is simply flat across the inner circumference while a 'comfort fit' adds slight thickness and then rounds off the inner edges so it slips on and off more easily.

    Flat Fit vs Comfort Fit

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    You can also select a “comfort fit” band with a rounded inner edge, which adds slight thickness (0.2mm) and weight to the ring.

    Overall weight will vary with size, width, fit and karat selected, but for a reference point a size 8, flat fit, 7mm wide band in 10k gold will weigh roughly 6.5 grams when finished.

    To start your order, input your ring size, preferred colour, karat, width and fit. Next, describe your design wishes (upload a reference image if you have one) for your truly personalized, hand engraved band. Price will be calculated in real time based on your input. All designs ideas submitted are sketched out, discussed and approved by you before any engraving commences.