Square Signet Ring Blank, includes Custom Hand Engraving

$1,500.00 CAD

Square-top signet ring model sized to order in yellow, white or rose gold and ready for custom hand engraving on top and sides (included in price). A popular grad and milestone ring, made from scratch and hand engraved with your school logo, sigil, crest, motto or artwork proudly displayed!

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      This soft square “cushion” top signet ring model was designed by Warren Smith @coasthandworks specifically to accommodate his elaborate designs and deep hand engraving technique. It is handmade to provide a large canvass on its soft-square top and wide sides, making it a popular model for custom grad rings and other venerated milestones.

      Fabricated from scratch and made to order, weight will vary depending on model, size and karat selected:

      Pinky / Ladies – Top measures 13mm x 13mm square and 1.8mm thick when finished. From its slightly rounded edges the sides taper to 5mm wide x 1.4mm thick at the back. A typical pinky size of 6 in 10k gold weighs roughly 12 grams.

      Ring Finger – Top measures 15mm x 15mm square, 2mm thick tapering to 5.5mm wide x 1.6mm thick at the back when finished. A typical size 9 in 10k gold weighs in at roughly 15 grams.

      Large Finger – Top measures 18mm x 18mm square, 2.2mm thick tapering to 6mm wide x 1.8mm thick at the back when finished. As a size 12 in 10k gold, this large model weighs roughly 20 grams.

      Submit your custom design ideas, size, thickness, color & karat preferences to calculate the cost of your one-of-kind signet ring, which includes the price of engraving it by hand. Upon placing your order, all work will be discussed and confirmed via phone or email before engraving commences. Ideas and images submitted will be used as reference material, but designing and engraving is done freehand with pencils and gravers. No computers, no 3D printers, all handcrafted.

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