Two-Tone Gold Eagle Ring, Native Art Style, Hand Made, Hand Engraved

$600.00 CAD

Hand engraved two-tone gold band depicting an Eagle in the Native Art style of the Pacific Northwest. Carved in your choice of yellow, white or rose gold and framed by a contrasting (or identical) gold color, fabricated separately then fused into a single, dramatic band.

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Hand carved in the style of Pacific Northwest Native Art, this two-tone Eagle Ring is made-to-order based on your chosen ring size as well as metal color and karat preferences – and there are many!

Created by Warren Smith, Proprietor of The Coast Handworks Co., this two-tone band is fabricated as separate components, allowing for a multitude of silver and gold metal & karat combinations.

The inner section, called the “design collar,” features a faithfully designed and deeply engraved depiction of the Eagle in the formline art style of the Haida Nation from coastal British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. Sized to order from a hand-carved master, it can be rough cast in yellow, white or rose gold (or silver) and then recut and brightened by hand using old-school engraving tools and masterful technique. For added effect, the background of the artwork can be blackened to provide a dramatic contrast between the stippled recesses and the sculpted foreground artwork. Left clean (no blackening), the design will cast shadows and glimmers depending on the viewing angle.

This design collar is then fitted with a “rail sleeve & cap” to frame the artwork distinctively. These rails (sometimes referred to as “trim”) can also be cast in yellow/white/rose gold. Choose a differing color/karat combination for added drama, or the same color for a more traditional, single metal ring.

All components are then assembled, precision fit, fused and highly polished to present as a single, solid band quite unlike anything else.

Note: A higher karat of gold will be brighter/lighter in color than a low karat.


The weight of this two-tone gold ring will vary with size and karat selected, but for reference, a size 9 ring made entirely of 10k yellow gold weighs roughly 11 grams when finished.

The design collar measures 5.5mm wide while the rail sleeve and cap adds 1.1mm to the top and bottom. Fully assembled and fused, it is roughly 7.7mm wide before finishing and polishing.

In all cases, the rails are 2mm thick while the design collar is slightly recessed under the rails at 1.8mm once completed.

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