Portfolio / Hand Carved, Sculpted Mask, Original Native Art Style Dogfish Pendant

Project Details

Project Type: Orignal piece inspired by the First Nation art and culture in the Pacific Northwest

Materials: Plasticine, Wax, Silver, Gold

Design Elements: Traditional dogfish mask

Design Source: Northwest Coast Native Art canon, Pacific Northwest Haida culture

Project Notes

A passion project years in the making when time and inspiration permitted. It was designed, carved and sculpted by Warren Smith, a non-Native artist with a deep connection to the art and culture of British Columbia’s coastal shores, its original people, and their rich heritage.

Awestruck and inspired since childhood by the Haida lore and mythology that permeates the Pacific Northwest, this dogfish mask is a scholarly homage to the formline art style that defines the Native art in the region.

As with heraldry and calligraphy as well as Germanic, American and Celtic scroll work, a deep respect, understanding and faithfulness to the form was paramount.

Warren's Notes

I’ve had this Dogfish piece kicking around in my head for 35 years. I don’t know why it took so long to get out. I always intended to make this available to the public, but I’ve never treated this sort of work and something to “crank out” just to get paid.


I grew up in North Vancouver, B.C. and was steeped in the magnificent art and culture of the Haida for as long as I can remember. To me, it was as prevailing as rain, river and ocean; cedar trees and salmon fishing at Hole-in-the-Wall in Howe Sound. I’ve been a student of this art form my whole life, originally just drawing on paper, eventually painting and wood carving, then finally engraving in metal as my passions evolved into my career.


Top make this ready for retail, a surface-texturing process is applied where I tumble it in walnut shells to give an even, soft, velvety look. I also add a bale so it can hang on a necklace.

– Warren Smith, Proprietor, The Coast Handworks Co.

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