Portfolio / Bespoke Gold Signet Ring, Hand Engraved with Custom Sigil Artwork

Project Details

Project Type: Custom signet ring, fabrication, hand engraving custom artwork on top, light embellishments on side

Materials: Round signet ring in 14k yellow gold, sized to 11.5 from master model

Design Elements: Unique sigil graphic as per reference image, slightly extruded with blackened background on on top, image lowered to provide beveled perimeter, Latin motto around top perimeter supported by simple flourish on sides

Design Source: Customer reference image, collaborative discussion, artistic interpretation of various elements into cohesive, singular piece

Project Notes

Customer requested a gold signet ring to display original talisman already worn as a tattoo with deep personal meaning. To include Latin motto “Lucis Furor Morientium” around the outer perimeter. Added simple scroll to underscore motto.

Required background removal technique to set image within top surface leaving a border raised around it; the image itself remains slightly raised as well, like sculpture.

Project included a slight size change as finger size for a signet ring is usually a half-size up from normal  – the wide top needs to fit over one’s knuckle.

Warren's Notes

I pondered this design for quite a while before I engraved it, even though it looks pretty straight forward. The geometric pattern looks a lot like a traditional compass, but having discussed the imagery with the customer, I knew it had more subtle connotation than that. Each point of the star has significance and the outer circle around it was an essential element. But the real trick was taking what is essentially a 2D graphic and pulling out the shadows to be distinguished from the highlights in a 3D surface. I found myself enthralled with design the more I worked with it. Really enjoyed this one.

– Warren Smith, Proprietor, The Coast Handworks Co.

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