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Project Details

Project Type: Custom signet ring, fabrication, hand engraved fingerprint on top, light embellishments and custom monogram on sides

Materials: Oval top signet ring in 10k yellow gold sized to 10.0 from master model

Design Elements: Rendition of minutiae characteristics from customer’s actual fingerprint, framed by perimeter groove, light scroll work and banner on sides displaying personal message and A + M monograms

Design Source: Customer’s fingerprint samples in ink, collaborative discussion, artistic experience

Project Notes

This imaginative customer took “personalized signet ring” to its most literal extreme by requesting her own unique fingerprint to be engraved in 10k gold with the specific intent of passing it along to her son someday.

Several ideas were sketched and discussed to eventually include a message in French (Greek was also considered) framed in banners on the side and supported by elegant scrollwork. As it happens, the customer also desired an “AM” monogram to be worked into the design somewhere. Serendipitously, those two letters are ideally suited to scribe with a flourish that matched said scroll.

The signet ring top, meanwhile, was first dished out to provide a slightly concave surface, as if the customer had actually pressed her finger into the ring.

While not an exact replica, the engraved fingerprint was designed and engraved using the classic forensic technique of finding “minutiae characteristics” unique to every fingerprint, highlighting unique loops, swirls, endpoints, ridge bifurcation, etc.

Her full name was engraved inside the ring as well (not pictured).

Warren's Notes

There’s a real zen quality to engraving fingerprints. Grooves and ridges are exactly what graver is meant to make, so running long curvy lines and loops to a distinct endpoint feels totally natural. It’s a mesmerizing task that really puts you “in the zone.” Really enjoyed every aspect of this project.

– Warren Smith, Proprietor, The Coast Handworks Co.

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