Portfolio / Gold Signet Ring Hand Engraved with Rampant Lion Family Crest

Project Details

Project Type: Custom signet ring, fabrication, hand engraved heraldry on top, light embellishments on side

Materials: Oval Top signet ring in 10k yellow gold, sized to 8.5 from master model

Design Elements: Family crest on top, framed, Latin motto around top perimeter supported by simple scrollwork on sides

Design Source: Heraldic registry, customer’s research and historical reference material, collaborative discussion, artistic experience

Project Notes

Customer sought to recreate a family legacy of engraved signet rings from 1848 and 1975 but with 21st Century flair as seen in several of Warren’s hand engraved pieces. Customer had done a great deal of homework on his ancestry along with the minutia of his family’s crest. Collaboratively discussed, the result is this hand made, hand engraved gold signet ring adorned with the rampant lion, roses and the relatively modern addition of the infinity symbol supporting the Latin motto around the outer perimeter to imply “forever.”

Warren's Notes

Working with this customer was a great pleasure because his enthusiasm for traditional Heraldry matched my own. But we both also recognized that the Heraldic form leaves a lot of room for artistic interpretation in the layout and with how certain elements can be depicted. We played with several different design ideas and layouts before settling on this one, which turned out to be the perfect one!

– Warren Smith, Proprietor, The Coast Handworks Co.

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