Portfolio / The Unicorn Ring, Hand Engraved Rampant Unicorn Family Crest, Gold Signet

Project Details

Project Type: Custom signet ring, fabrication, hand engraved family crest on top, light embellishments on side

Materials: Oval Top signet ring in 14k yellow gold, sized to 9 from master model

Design Elements: Family crest on top, engraved framing, Latin motto around outer perimeter supported by simple scroll on sides

Design Source: Heraldic registry, creative autonomy

Project Notes

This customer was already familiar with Warren’s custom engraving work and was happy to give him artistic autonomy in creating and engraving this gold signet ring. The only stipulation what the use of the family’s official family crest: a unicorn rearing up – officially known as a unicorn rampant, collared ducal coronet (crown around neck) sa (cross-hatching to signify black tincture)… and so on.

The three leaf pattern in the scroll work on the side (supporting the Latin motto) was personally significant, representing the Trinity.

This ring is frequently referenced by customers inquiring about having their own family crests engraved not only for its faithfulness to the heraldic form but for the highly stylized manner of presenting the unicorn in relief by removing the background around it so it appears extruded and sculpted.

Warren's Notes

I did this one quite a while ago. It’s one of the first signet rings that allowed me to demonstrate an engraving style I had been developing over many years. I find removing the background of an image so it stands out can be much more dramatic than traditional surface engraving, especially for family crests. I also took some liberty with the oval frame by having the horn, hoof and flowers push outward, as if the unicorn was about to break out of the ring and run free.

– Warren Smith, Proprietor, The Coast Handworks Co.

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